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Kate Stein - Experience Creator / Results Coach

 About Kate 

Nurse, Midwife, Teacher, Maven, Coach and Experience Creator

Having started my career as a farmer, I have done a full circle. From farmer to nurse, to midwife, to teacher/trainer, to entrepreneur, to business owner, as a results coach, erotic maven and also back to farmer. I have a range of skills to help create an experience specific for you.


I have learned things the hard way and the easy way, I have followed numerous belief systems to discover that they are fluid and change as I change. And that’s ok.

Life has been a blessing giving me an opportunity to grow.

I heal with every event life could throw at me. Including a life threatening event.

I have learned things the hard way and the easy way, I have followed numerous belief systems to discover that they are fluid and change as I change. And that’s ok. Having been able to recognise my full worth means I can now share the tools with other women looking for their full worth. Without judgement.

In 2016 I discovered that helping women transition through life with confidence was my calling. So, I have researched, implemented, and refined my signature results system designed to help women stop the procrastination, make a decision and take action with confidence.

One of the ultimate learnings I have discovered is, to do the thing that makes your heart sing. YOLO!I 

Support for your Journey

My goal is to help you imagine your future self, Align your head, hand and your heart to do the thing that makes your heart sing!  With extensive experience in Coaching and Mentoring with a vast history of client success, my personal holistic approach will help you attain your goals. 

Professionalism and Experience to help you achieve fulfillment.

Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Dip Midwifery, Master Midwifery, Cert IV Training & Assessment, Master NLP, Certified Hypnotherapist, Tai Chi for Health Instructor, Relaxation Massage Therapist, Yoni Massage Practitioner, Highly Effective Results Coach, Holistic Human Development Coach, Meditation Instructor, Cert IV Dairy Management, Diploma Animal Assisted Therapy, PHD Student Authentic Education

The Key to my success was Learning about who I am and stepping outside of the Drama Triangle


Having over 15 years of experience working with women to grow their confidence at every stage of life

Kristie A

Mother of 5

Carina S

Retired Business Owner

Louise E

Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions I receive the most about my coaching services.
If I missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help

Coaching is the ability to help you reorganize your own thoughts to enable you to get relief. It is the system that takes you from chaos thinking to structured thinking, from no confidence to confidence. It is the process of fine tuning what you already know.

Coaching is holding space for you to come up with your own answers. To ask you quality questions for you to come up with your own quality answers.

Coaching is different from Mentoring. Mentoring is giving you the answers. Consulting is doing the thing for you.

Coaching is an interactive experience where we discover your goals and values, align your head  with your hand with your heart, in order to enable you to do the thing that makes your heart sing.   To help you travel along the path to the life you design. You will be asked high quality questions that entice deep thinking.

100%! What happens in our sessions stays in our sessions, just like seeing a therapist. Having been a Registered Nurse and Midwife for 17 years I know the importance of confidentiality.

 The time that your coaching process will take depends on your desire to achieve your goals. Your commitment and openness to the process. There is a range of different methods you can tap into to obtain such results. 

Less than a cup of coffee and a muffin a day.

What if you can? My Payment plan is a real option. Let’s have a chat. 

Everything and I mean everything you do in life has an element of confidence attached to it. Some people already feel confident enough. But what if there was more confidence to discover? Some people don’t feel confident enough to have a conversation, join a group start a course, or apply for a job. Making a decision takes confidence. This program will give you the tools to take with you you’re your future to continue making confident decisions and doing the thing that makes your heart sing. 

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