Unleash Your Inner Confidence with
Kate Stein

Success is an inside job! It Starts with Your Mindset

Everyone has the Power to Achieve Greatness

Kate has worked with clients from all walks of life, helping them to overcome limiting beliefs and develop the skills and mindset necessary to succeed. Through personalized coaching sessions, Kate will help you to:

Identify the root causes of your self-doubt and limiting beliefs

Develop a more positive self-image that supports your success

Build resilience and overcome obstacles that stand in your way

Cultivate the confidence to pursue your goals and dream life.

The Journey To Live A Life of Success

Developing a Values-Driven Vision is the most important part of personal growth and can lead to a more fulfilled life.

Means that you no longer put your life on hold. You are free to move forward toward your dreams.

Creating Heart-Centred Habits enables you to do things 5 times faster with 5 times the fulfillment.

Gives you access to a supportive environment whilst your create your dream life based on your values driven vision. Holding and nurturing you along the way without fear of judgement.

Meet Your Coach Kate

19 years Nursing and 16 years as a Midwife has given Kate Stein, the foundations necessary to work with people wanting more in their life. Founding her own Hypnotherapy and Massage Business in 2016, Hypno Healing & Massage.

In 2017 Kate experienced a number of tragedies which pushed Kate to work harder, find the mental strength and endurance necessary to want more from her life. Kate made a decision and took action for herself and got a coach to help her shine her light. To assist other women going through transition, what ever that looks like for them.

 Fulfilling the teachings and initiation, in 2019 as an Erotic Maven and Results Coach, Kate has created an exciting new platform for women seeking further growth and development of their spiritual, sexual and emotional self, through cultivating their confidence.

Incorporating several modalities including Holistic Human Development Coaching, Tai Chi, Essential Oil and Yoni Massage, Kate provides a safe space to help women generate a deep remembering, a connection to the Divine Inner Wisdom of their Goddess, plus uses closed eye processes to guide women to a state of inner peace.

Kate has worked with the greats such as Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini, Benjamin J Harvey and many more to advance herself and her mission to serve others. and also a  Platinumum partener with  Authentic Education.


Cultivate Your Confidence with Kate Stein

Through our unique 8 Weeks  programs, you’ll learn powerful techniques and strategies to:

  • Identify and challenge limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Develop a growth mindset that empowers you to achieve your goals
  • Cultivate self-compassion and self-care practices that support your mental and emotional well-being
  • Build resilience and manage stress in healthy ways
  • Improve your relationships and communication skills
  • Create a personalized action plan to achieve your goals

These sessions are designed to meet your unique needs and goals. We will work together to identify areas where you feel stuck or uncertain, and develop strategies to help you overcome obstacles and build your confidence. Sessions can be conducted in person or via zoom online.


Reset Your Mindset 8 Week Coaching Program

360⁰ Momentum & Support Program

From Confused to Confident

During the sessions Kate provided me with the understanding, techniques, and tools I needed to set myself up to improve my lifestyle, self-confidence, self-care, and daily practices to changing my mindset.
Sarah C
Queensland Australia
I had a moment the other afternoon which was a definite trigger; however, because of the work Kate and I have done, I was able to identify it and put in steps/ skills to manage my response and prevent myself from spiralling out of control. I was also kind to myself and praised myself for doing this. Another skill Kate taught me.
Lynny I
Queensland Australia

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