Empower Your Inner Queen

Welcome to the Reset Your Mindset RetreatA transformative experience designed for women aged 35 and over who are ready to break free from the internal chatter and gain clarity in their lives.

On July 7 2023, Join Reset Your Mindset Retreat for 4 days for Unique Practices Get Real Clarity in Your Life and Stop the Procrastination

Explore Our Beautiful Retreat Location

Discover the Beauty and Serenity of New South Wales The Perfect Retreat Destination in Australia!

Wandandian NSW 2540, Australia

Wandandian, NSW is a peaceful and serene location, perfect to Reset mindset

The beauty of the natural environment provides an ideal setting for grounding yourself through the power of meditation and other mindfulness practices

Unique practices at Reset Your Mindset Retreat to Transform Your Life

What Our Lovely Clients Says

Lyn Cerca

I had a lot of General unhappiness in life and not sure of who I was and what I wanted. Learning about who I truly am and learning that I had the power to step out of the drama triangle made a real difference in my life.

Claudine T

The Guru Technique is just wonderful. I have gained so much confidence and certainty knowing that I can interpret any area of my life. It has given me permission to listen to and trust my intuition and allowed me to truly understand my own needs. I am so grateful to have learned a way to bring more awareness and clarity.

Ronnie Bratusa

I was stuck in a rut and unable to see a way out, I was depressed, I felt Worthless and I had no confidence to move forward. Using the techniques Kate taught me I learned that I am a worthy person and I do have what it takes to move forward. I just needed to remove the fog, the techniques helped me do that.

By Unlocking Your Potential You Will..Be Able To Live A Life that You Always dream of

What You Will Learn

  • Animal Therapy
  •  Yarning Circles 
  • Qi Gong Workshop 
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Mindset Exercises 
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Freedom Techniques 
  • Templates to take home with you
  •  Created a crystal clear pathway 
  • Become part of a tribe of like-minded people 
  • Three (3) nourishing meals a day Live within nature for 4 days 
  • Mindset Epiphanies Experience like no other

Who Is This For?

It is for women 35 and over who have internal chatter they want to stop. For women who are willing and ready to get some real clarity in their life and stop the procrastination, get real about where they are at in life and sort out the Princess from the Queen. If you are serious about changing your thoughts and changing your life, this retreat is for you.


  • Aligned with your head, hand, and heart 
  • More organised in your thinking. 
  • Aware of who you really are as a woman. 
  • Open and energised to make a difference in your life. 
  • Confident in your decisions. 
  • Connected to nature.

Only Limited Spots Are Available

For Enquiries Call : +61 437 148 292

Email : Kate@katestein.com.au